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Our organisation exists to maximise impact on alleviating alcohol related harm. Everything else is in service of that goal. We save and improve lives by committing to the most evidence-based and (cost) effective intervention, which is alcohol excise taxation. We are aware that progress is going to be incremental with benefits felt in the far future.

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Our definition of impact is about promoting welfare without sacrificing anything that might be of comparable moral importance. We understand welfare as anything that makes people better off. We consider our impact to be the difference between the reality that exists because of our work and the one that would have existed otherwise.


The basis for our all our decisions is empirical and systematic evidence. If this evidence is not available we seek to find the most effective way of informing our decision. We are collecting empirical data on our impact and are collaborating with external institutions to monitor and evaluate the impact of the policy once put in place.


We believe that our society can work well when we hold each other accountable. In CAPS we take full responsibility for our decisions and actions and make our reasoning accessible for everyone.  We believe that by being transparent and sharing our experiences we not only hold ourselves accountable but we help others grow and improve.

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We share our data and findings, we properly document and publish our decision making processes and lessons learnt with all successes and failures. We share our data (without compromising personal integrity) and we make our budget, incomes and spending available for the public eye.


We are keen to learn from the experience of other people and organisations. We make it easy for others to provide feedback and we create mechanisms for external reviews of our organisation.

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Our main goal is to do the most good possible and maximise our impact. This could be achieved by working with others active in the same field or leaving the space for those who would have a better impact.

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We seek with humility to understand the societies we work in and include their actual needs in our work. We work with other stakeholders and search for synergies in our actions.


We make sure that we are a catalyst for putting ours and our partners’ skills and time into action. If we should be a hindrance for reaching the potential of an action, we are ready to leave and let those who create better impact to drive the change.

About: Research
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